Complaints and appeals

You can file a complaint about the organization and/or products certified by LLP “T-Standard” by mail or email
LLP “T-Standard” uses the following procedure for managing complaints and appeals:

Complaint/appeal submitted to LLP “T-Standard” or its division (OPS P, OPS SM, SIC, TL of the Atyrau branch) must be in writing and contain a justification for the reasons for the objections to the decision/activity of the structural division of the Organization or a description of the essence of the disputed issue. If possible, the complaint/appeal should be accompanied by documents explaining the validity of the claims and confirming the facts contained in the complaint/appeal. LLP “T-Standard” does not review anonymous complaints (in which it is impossible to identify the person who filed the complaint).

Registration of complaint/appeal is carried out on the day of its receipt. The registered complaint/appeal is submitted to the top management of LLP “T-Standard” for consideration.

The Secretary of the complaints and appeals Committee notifies the claimant (by phone or by correspondence) of the receipt of the complaint/appeal, and also determines appropriate contacts and forms for providing information to notify them of the progress of the complaint/appeal.

Top management of LLP “T-Standard” conducts initial assessment of the claim from the point of view of such criteria as validity claims (determination whether an appeal or complaint associated with the activities of LLP “T-Standard” or its structural divisions (OPS P OPS CM, JRC, TL of the Atyrau branch), severity, safety, complexity, potential consequences, and evaluate the need and possibility of immediate action on the complaint.

Based on the results of the preliminary assessment, the following actions are taken:
The reply is provided in the form of an official letter signed by the General Director of LLP “T-Standard”, and contains:

If the claimant agrees to the proposed measures or does not send a response within 15 calendar days from the date of sending the corresponding letter (e-mail), the complaint/appeal is closed. Information about the closure is recorded by the secretary of the complaints and appeals Committee in the journal.

In case of written disagreement of the complaint/appeal claimant with the proposed actions, the top management of LLP “T-Standard” forms the complaints and appeals Committee in accordance with the established procedure and submits the relevant complaint/appeal to it for consideration.

The Secretary of the Committee notifies the claimant of the appointment of the Committee’s Commission and the planned terms of consideration of his complaint/appeal.

The time limit for consideration and decision-making on complaints and appeals by the Committee should not exceed 30 calendar days. In agreement with the interested parties, other terms of consideration and decision-making are allowed.

The complaints and appeals Committee performs:

The analysis is performed on the basis of regulatory documents that define the requirements for the relevant product or service, and the procedure for conducting conformity assessment.

When analyzing a complaint or appeal, all interested parties should be listened. The Committee may listen to the opinion of independent persons competent in the matter under consideration.

The decision of the complaints and appeals Committee is transmitted to the parties who participated in the proceedings.

Decisions of the complaints and appeals Committee containing conclusions on the existence of any inconsistencies in the management system of LLP “T-Standard” or its division (OPS P, OPS SM, SIC, TL of the Atyrau branch) are considered by the top management of LLP “T-Standard”.