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 expertise of the rpoducts origin


Determination of country of origin is regulated by the following documents:

- Rules of determination of the products origin country and issue of Certificate of Products Origin  (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan  dated 11.03.2009  № 59).

- Customs Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 05.04.2003  №401-II

- Rules of determination of the products origin country (approved by Decision of the Council of CIS Government Executives dated 30.11.2000)

- Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 15.10.2003  № 1054 “About approval of criteria of sufficient products treatment”.

- Instruction of the European Economic Community № 2454/93 with additions  №12/97, 46/1999


Certificate of Products Origin is a document certifying country of the products origin manufactured or subjected to sufficient treatment on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan  and imported from the customs territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan  or imported from the territories of special economic zones and free warehouses to the rest of customs territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan  and/or realized on the customs territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Expertise of the products origin includes:

·               expertise of the submitted documents (completeness, authenticity, availability of the necessary information);

·               identification of the products on outward signs;

·               expertise of technological process at the products manufacture with the aim of establishment of criteria of sufficient treatment/reprocessing and determination of additional cost of the products;

·               laboratory tests (if identification of the products by other method is not possible).

Expert Conclusion about the products origin is issued on the results of the expertise:  

·               products were totally manufactured in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

·               manufactured in the Republic of Kazakhstan products, taking into account the criteria of “sufficient treatment/reprocessing";

·               products manufactured outside the Republic of Kazakhstan;

·               or reasonable refusal in carrying out of the expertise of the products origin.


The following document are to be submitted for carrying out of the expertise of the products origin (in general case):

1) documents confirming legal status of Applicant (for individual entrepreneur - passport, identity card, patent or Certificate of Individual Entrepreneur);

2) original and copy of the foreign trade contract (agreement);

3) original and copy of Invoice or Invoice for the products;

4) original and copy of documents confirming the products origin (Agreement with the products manufacturer or for the products  purchase, Bills, Invoices, documents about the products transportation);

5) original and copy of the licence for the activity type (if the products are licensed);

6) documents for determination the criteria of “sufficient treatment/reprocessing" (cost of raw materials and components used at the products manufacture, Agreement for the delivery of raw materials, receipts, payment orders, waybill and other Bills, normative and technological documents in accordance with which the products were manufactured, calculation of the products prime cost subject to the cost of used raw materials or component of foreign origin, calculation of the expenses, additional cost);

7) Veterinary Certificate, if the products are of the animal origin, river and offshore operations;

8) Warehouse reference about availability and quantity of the products on the warehouse with indication of the warehouse address;

9) Power of Attorney for representation of he Applicant interests;

10) for fruit and vegetable products: reference-confirmation of local executive body of the appropriate territorial entity of the Republic of Kazakhstan about cultivation of the applied production-run on the stated territory and Agreement  with the products manufacturer, Agreement for the products purchase with obligatory submission of the original or notarized copy of Agreement  with the products manufacturer;

(for manufacturers of agricultural products – document confirming the availability of the farm – reference of the District Akim, land register, agreement of lease etc., description of technological process, report about the sowing results (reference form  4-сх);

for entrepreneurs purchasing the products (agricultural products) with the aim of its further resale – reference from the market or Invoice for the products purchase at the farm and document confirming that the products have been purchased at Kazakhstan manufacturer)

 All the documents are to be submitted  in triplicate: original and two copies (copies are not returned).