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  Management System on the basis of International Standard ISO  9001


In the Republic of Kazakhstan International Standard ISO 9001, establishing requirements for Management System, is adopted as State Standard СТ RK ISO 9001.


Preparation of the enterprise for Management System certification on the basis of standard СТ RK ISO 9001 includes the following stages:

1 Analysis of applicable on the enterprise Management System (how applicable on the enterprise Control System complies with requirements of СТ RK ISO 9001)

2 Development of Management System documents  in accordance with Standard  СТ RK ISO 9001:

- Quality Manual;

- documented procedures;

- working instructions;

- job descriptions.

If the above-mentioned documents are available on the enterprise  only its modification and actualization can be required.

3 Bringing into accord enterprise’s activity with requirements of the developed documents of Management System (adoption of Management System).

4 Carrying out of audit (inspection) of the adopted Management System on compliance with Standard СТ RK ISO 9001.