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Certification of management systems of companies and organizations in accordance with the standards ST RK ISO 9001, ST RK ISO 14001 and ST RK OHSAS 18001


LLP "T-Standart" is an accredited organ of conformity acknowledgement  of management systems in the state system of technicals regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Certificate of accreditation № KZ.O.02.0872 (see: quality management certificate).

Organ of conformity acknowledgement LLP "T-Standart" proposes to conduct certification on the following standards:

- ST RK ISO 9001-2016   «Quality management systems. Requirements».

- ST RK ISO 14001-2016 «Systems of ecological management.

Requirements and manuals».

- ST RK OHSAS 18001-2008 «Systems of management of professional safety and health, Requirements».

For determining the cost of works on certification and time scale please send the completed application to our fax: 7 (727) 246-40-16 or е-mail: tstkz@mail.ru

Please download application form here: (MS certification application)


Detailed information about advantages of introduction of management system in local companies and procedures of certification of management systems:  

1. Services of MS conformity acknowledgement LLP "T-Standart"

2. Procedure of certification of management systems.

3. List of required documentation

4. Costs

5. Our clients

6. Certificate of accreditation

7. Policy and aims of MS conformity acknowledgement LLP "T-Standart"

8. Appeals and claims

9.  Declaration of impartiality


If you have any queries regarding certification of management systems please contact us:

tel.: 7 (727) 246-40-16 or e-mail: tstkz@mail.ru