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Certification testing center (hereinafter  - CTC) of LLP "T-Standart" has certificate of accreditation № KZ.И.02.0519  which is the guarantee of appropriate quality of services in the sphere of conformity acknowledgement and precision of measurements for the customers

Our history started in 1999. During this period of development to date CTC of LLP "T-Standart" has become one of the largest testing centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

CTC of LLP "T-Standart" is accredited for conducting works on conformity acknowledgement of serial products and imported to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 367 dated 20.04.2005 «About obligatory conformity acknowledgement of products in the Republic of Kazakhstan”».

Types of products included in the accreditation of CTC LLP "T-Standart" (nationally):

- food products;
- crockery, tableware, household items;
- construction materials, items and structures;
- paint-and-lacquer materials and chemical products;
- goods for sanitary-hygienic purpose;
- household chemical goods;
- metallurgical industry products ;
- industrial equipment;
- geodesic products;
- equipment for agriculture;
- railway products;
- electrical equipment;
- cable products and connection;
- furniture;
- fire extinguishers; and other types of products


At present CTC LLP "T-Standart" :

- is included in the United Register of testing laboratories (centers of the Customs Union
- accredited for conducting works on conformity acknowledgement (evaluation) of products in accordance with the following technical regulations of the Customs Union:
-- ТР ТС 009/2011 «About safety of perfume and cosmetic products»;
- ТР ТС 005/2011 «About safety of packing»;
- ТР ТС 007/2011 «About safety of products for children and youngsters»;
- ТР ТС 017/2011 «About safety of light industry products»;
- ТР ТС 019/2011 «About safety of personal protection means»;
- ТР ТС 004/2011 «About safety of low voltage equipment»;
- ТР ТС 010/2011 «About safety of machines and equipment»;
- ТР ТС 012/2011 «About safety of equipment for explosive media»;
- ТР ТС 016/2011 «About safety of equipment using gaseous fuel»;
- ТР ТС 020/2011 «Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means»;
- ТР ТС 011/2011 «Lifts safety»;
- ТР ТС 032/2013 «About safety of equipment working under overpressure»;
- ТР ТС 021/2011 « About safety of  food products»;