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Welcome to the Website of organ of conformity acknowledgement LLP "T-Standart"


      we can provide the following:

- Kazakhstan certificates of conformity for the products;

- Certificates of conformity  of the Customs Union;

- Declarations of conformity of the Customs Union;

- Certificates of conformity for quality management system on the basis of national standard ST RK ISO 9001-2016;

- Certificates of conformity for the system of ecological management on the basis of national standard ST RK ISO  14001-2016;

- Certificates of conformity  for the system of management of professional safety and health on the basis of national standard ST RK OHSAS 18001-2008;

- Expert conclusion about conformity of technical devices  and materials to the requirement of industrial safety with obtaining permit to use from the organs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

LLP "T-Standart" is working as organ of conformity acknowledgement in Kazakhstan market of certification services from  2001. 

- Accreditation certificate of LLP "T-Standart"  conformity acknowledgement organ:  КZ.О.02.0525

- Accreditation certificate of LLP "T-Standart" management system conformity acknowledgement organ: КZ.О.02.0872

- Accreditation certificate of testing center of LLP "T-Standart" : КZ.И.02.0519

- Certificate for the right to conduct works in the sphere of industrial safety : №0001345

Today LLP "T-Standart"  is one of the most successful and developing company in the market of conformity acknowledgement services in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It has one of the most extensive sphere of accreditation.

Basic principles of activity of LLP "T-Standart":

- competence, responsibility and accuracy of obligations.

LLP "T-Standart" is trying to meet the requirements of its customers to the maximum in the sphere of supplied services while providing maximum necessary information.


 LLP "T-Standart" wishes success in your business

and proposes mutually beneficial co-operation!


Address of LLP "T-Standart": 348A, Tasckentskaya av., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

tel./fax:  7 (727) 246-40-16.

e-mail: tstkz@mail.ru


Bank details:

RNN  600 400 109 297

BIN 990 940 001 103

(KZТ): KZ 7796502F0008675887 в АО «ForteBank».


VAT certificate 60001 № 0078315 dated 06.08.2012.


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